My favourite pic from our trip to the coast during thanksgiving in 2019.
My album cover, grainy af, but I feel like it honestly adds to the vibe.
We planted some peas this year, and the perspective of the string trellises caught my eye
Around the start of the quarantine, there was a supermoon. Sadly, I didn't catch it at its biggest, and my SLR isn't set up for night shots so I had to use my phone, but it was so bright, I could hardly resist.
My old logo was minimalist at best, so I made a new one. Made and rendered with blender. The clouds in the background were fully simulated, and took ages to bake. Ironically, shortly after finishing, I happened upon a way to make something much more efficient for my purposes
This is my favourite leisurely hike. The whole scene felt so idyllic that I needed to capture it.
The first of two pictures of some mushrooms I took on another hike. This one is nice enough, but definitely doesn't stand out like the other
Spiders are quite fond of our young monkey puzzle tree.
A nice flower.
I just love how the gills of this mushroom look!
A nice flower v2