About Me

I'm Moumoku, and I make things. I try not to limit that by really defining myself as any particular kind of artist, but I started my more concentrated art journey with music. I live in lovely Oregon, in not-so-lovely USA.

I started my music career, like most other kids, wanting to be some kind of rockstar, and getting a nice little guitar. I had no discipline, and worse, was loathe to practice other people's music, when all I wanted to do, was make my own. As a result, I never made any real strides, only reaching a basic proficiency with the various instruments that I tried. Some time later, I was introduced to music production by my uncle, which I came to realize, has a far lower barrier to entry into creating new compositions, and even later, came to realize again, the learning curve was steeper, but more something my mind could grasp.

After I'd made a few songs, and started getting more confident in my skills as a producer, I realized that some form of album art or video content could further enhance the experience I was trying to deliver with my music. Thanks to this, I began to dabble in digital art, both 3d and 2d, as well as photography.

In the midst of this growth as an artist, somehow, I grew up, and needed to fund my passion, and got a dead-end job. It's not all terrible though, as that dead-end job is spurring my dedication to learn about computer science and tech forward. I already needed a properly compiled portfolio for my art, so a website built on top of my home network to show my IT chops was an obvious choice.


I'm happy to hear any questions you have about what I post here, and if you'd like me to make something for you, feel free to request a quote

You can also contact me here: